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Motor Medic



(951) 444-1667
M-F 9am-5pm



41659 Date Street #100
Murrieta, CA 92562

You'll Never Need a Second Opinion,
What we can offer you

Engine Modifications

AMA Pro Supercross engine mod, A, B, and C Motocross National Package All mods are based upon your budget and schedule, Please call for more details.


Showa A Kit, KYB A Kit, Reservice valve and maintenance for all forks. Call for pricing and details.

Bikes For Sale

2016 Honda CRF250r for $4,500 2016 KTM 250sxf for $6,000 2016 KTM 250sxf for $6,000

What they say about us

MMR Final from ITAS on Vimeo.

Meet our team

Michael Quinn

Age – 18
From – Menifee, CA
Bike – Yamaha 250f
Class – Intermediate

Casey Brennan

Age – 21
From – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bike – Yamaha 250f and 450
Class – Supercross

Mark Weishaar

Age – 24
From – Belleville, Illinois
Bike – Yamaha 250f and 450
Class – Supercross

David Pulley Jr

Age – 22
From – Canyon Lake
Bike – Honda 250r
Class – Supercross

Brandon Gravley

Age – 24
From – Hemet, CA
Bike – Honda 450rx
Class – A Class

Jarryd McNeil

Age – 26
From – Australia
Bike – Yamaha
Class – FMX and Pro

Lauren Hammond

Age – 21
From – Murrieta, CA
Bike – Honda 250r
Class – Women A

Lauren Woods

Age – 19
From – Murrieta, CA
Bike – Yamaha 250f
Class – Womens Pro

View Our Riders

  • Who tried to call if I for a 450 class for the first time who just qualified for a 450 class for the first time 383 on a mission
  • Long time ago before anybody knew who this guy was we started working together how proud am i to have this guy running my logo on his bike and being a friend to see him aligned with a great company like Yamaha and monster and all his other sponsors makes me proud to be associated with him cheers Jared you deserve it @jacobjohnson___ for the sick video and @jarrydmcneil promo photos and videos that he post
  • S champion A1 bike
  • 383 A1 bike
  • @scott_champion getting some TV time four-part Zilla MMR snd his other sponsors wish him luck for the rest of the season on the East Coast on his 450 Journey
  • People said never get a good photo of myself on my Instagram or here you go here's one
  • When I was helping k rusk in 450 class kicking butts and taking names @ruskers_
  • Military appreciation weekend Big shout out  to all the Armed Forces who protect us and keep us safe We Salute You with the 383 250f Yamaha of Casey Brennan
  • Pretty pumped on this has been a goal of mine for a while it's not that many but it's a lot to me thank you to everyone

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